Grades Ahead Mathematics Program

Parents know how valuable a high quality mathematics program is for their children’s confidence and their future academic success, and how difficult it can be to find the right kind of challenging and engaging environment that is suited for an academically able or gifted child.

And so many parents have children who find themselves bored with their current classroom instruction, children who would benefit greatly from an enriched mathematics program one or two or even three years ahead of where they are now.

Our Grades Ahead Program offers motivated students the chance to accelerate their learning of mathematics in a program that is just right for their unique abilities. Our small class sizes provide lots of opportunities for student discussion and personalized attention. Lessons are fast-paced and full of new and interesting ideas. Learning mathematics is once again exhilarating.

Why Choose Grades Ahead?

Our program is delivered at two or even three grade levels ahead of where your child might be in their regular school. Students get the challenge they need regardless of their current grade.

Not only is our curriculum accelerated, it is enriched with problem-solving exercises, brain teasers, puzzles, student projects and presentations, and videos that keep young minds stimulated and growing.

Regular Testing
Consistent timed testing is critical for diagnostic purposes and evaluation. Our students learn to manage their thinking, their time, and their anxiety through multiple types of regular testing – multiple-choice, full answer, speed drills, and presentations. Confidence is built through achieving goals and proper evaluation encourages pride in accomplishments.

Independence, self-discipline and time management are the key skills acquired when doing work at home. Regular, appropriate homework from Grades Ahead develops greater focus, good study habits, attention to detail and personal responsibility.

SSAT and UTS Prep
Our accelerated and enriched mathematics program focusing on fundamentals and problem-solving is excellent preparation for entrance exams such as the SSAT and the University of Toronto Schools.

Full year
Learning is best done over a longer period of time rather than a weekend or week-long crash course. Young minds need time to gain mastery of fundamental human arts such as Mathematics, Music and Literature.

An initial diagnostic session determines the perfect program fit for your child. Progress is continuously monitored and movement between levels is always possible.

Small Class Size
Our teacher to student ratio is never more than 1 to 6. This guarantees high quality instruction and maximum personal attention for an engaging and lively experience.

Students love to stand up and work on the board. And there is nothing more satisfying then working as a team and presenting your work to the class.

Certified Mathematics Teachers
Programs are prepared and taught by Ontario certified teachers who have mastered the art of mathematics teaching.

Professional Location
There are no unnecessary distractions in our professional and secure environment. When our students walk into our building on Avenue Road, they recognize instantly that this is a place of learning which requires their full attention and effort. Instruction at home or at temporary makeshift locations can not inspire a high level of learning.

Continuous Enrollment
Enrollment is possible at any time during the year. Tuition can be pro-rated.

Contest Preparation
Grades Ahead students participate in national and international mathematics competitions such as the CNML, Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest and the Waterloo University CEMC Contests.

Not a Franchise.
Alfa Learning Group is owner operated, not a franchise. This means that your concerns matter and they are always dealt with quickly and professionally.


Grades Ahead  is offered at three different grade levels

Grade 6 Level

Recommended for student in grades 4 and 5. This Course focuses on the fundamentals of arithmetic – factors, primes, multiples and fractions. This is the foundation of all future work in mathematics, and many students in elementary schools move on to high school with a very poor grasp of these essential building blocks. (Sundays 11 to 12:30).

Grade 8 Level

Recommended for student in grades 5 and 6. This Course is ideal for strong students who are serious about their mathematics education and might be aiming to write the SSAT or UTS Entrance Exam for Grade 7. Here students will find a strong emphasis on building advanced numerical skills through challenging problem solving activities. Group participation is essential and makes the learning so much more satisfying and effective. (Sundays 9 to 10:30 am).

Grade 9 Level

Recommended for very strong students in grades 7 and 8. Perfect for guaranteed success in high school mathematics and sciences. This course is essential for students who are preparing for highly competitive high school entrance exams for schools such as UTS Grade 9 Entry and the TOPS program in math and science at Marc Garneau CI. (Sundays 1 to 2:30 pm).

2019-2020 Schedule

Classes are 90 minutes in length and run September 22, 2019 to June 7, 2020. Students can join at the beginning of any one of the four semesters.

Semester 1: September 22 to November 10

Semester 2: November 17 to January 26

Semester 3: February 2 to April 5

Semester 4: April 19 to June 7


Tuition for 2019 – 2020 is $450 per semester. No HST.

Registration and Refund Policy

Full tuition of $450 is due before the beginning of each semester. Any unused remaining sessions are fully refundable at any time.

Payments can be made by cheque to Alfa Learning Group, or Interac or Paypal transfer to

Please call Demo Aliferis at 416 418 5686 or email at to reserve your 2019-2020 spot or to schedule a free consultation and diagnostic session.