Alfa Learning Group
For families serious about education
Alfa Learning Group
For families serious about education

Grades Ahead Math Program

Enriched and accelerated courses in mathematics for students in grades 4 to 7 aiming one or two or even three years beyond their current grade level.

Entrance Exam Preparation

Thorough and professional preparation for all Independent School Admissions, the SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test) and UTS (The University of Toronto Schools).

Math and Science Tutoring

Expert One on One Tutoring for all High School Mathematics and Science courses, including Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Functions, and Data Management.

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Alfa Learning Group selects only highly qualified and experienced high school teachers and graduate students to work with our students in our safe, supportive and professional environment. Our team members are handpicked for their extensive knowledge, and ability to relate well to young people and motivate students of all abilities and backgrounds.

We have been helping families secure the best possible advantages for their sons and daughters since 2001.

Please contact me to find out how Alfa Learning Group can become part of your family’s educational life.

Demosthenes Aliferis, MA, B.Ed
Former Director of Admissions at the University of Toronto Schools

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Horray! My daughter got into UTS. Thanks for all the help. She is so happy.

Jennifer K, Parent

I got help in multiple subjects. My tutor was very knowledgeable and helped me understand the materials a lot more. I enjoy working in my own time, and being able to take my time.

Erin L, Student

I saw significant improvement in marks of my daughter’s math classes. Good tutoring center, highly recommended.

Katerina S, Parent